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Autimely brings Web 3 its first car dealership, making car buying a hassle free experience

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When purchasing a vehicle using Web 3.0 technology you will be able to take advantage of RNFT and have your VIN number transcribed on the blockchain. You will be able to track your vehicle history and later sell your vehicle using the blockchain


The first Dealership token

Our ERC-20 Token is the first automotive token that allows you to stake it for discounts, services, and currency within our platform.

Benefits to
Buy a Car in Metaverse
Enter the Dealership world with an ecosystem supporter
Build and design the vehicle just how you like it
Verify your vehicle specs before ordering
Track your vehicle from the manufacture to front door

A better experience for all the cars you love

Autimely is a platform built around Web 3.0 technology for a better customer experience and provides all the tools needed to customize your next vehicle search

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